I am a glass artisan, worked in glass since 2003 in stained & fused #glass. I also do #custom work for homes, businesses, and commercial use. I have my own studio in Alberta where I design and create my art pieces. I do custom work for homes, businesses and for commercial uses including remodeling and renovation projects.

In some of my art work I combine fused glass, resin, wood, even metal at times to create unique art pieces. I enjoy this mixed media idea as it can bring interesting characteristics to a design.

I am a self-taught artist but have worked extensively with 3D designs for various projects.

I have really fallen in love with fused glass and the incredible variety of colours and textures one can get. Each piece I design is an original piece of art. I design and handcraft each piece in my studio. Some reflect nature others just my imagination. I am just beginning to really explore the many new avenues this type of glass work offers.

If you are interested in custom work or a reorder please email me at marika@glasslizard.ca

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